Speed and Accuracy – The Way of the Future

Last spring, Forbes published an article that cited a growing demand for digital mortgages. With Baby Boomers moving out of the home-buying market, and impatient millennials entering it, lenders are feeling the pressure to speed up.

Not so fast, says Forbes. Despite customer desire for mortgages to be accessible through a quick on-line click-thru process, lenders have some concerns. Chief among these is the concern that time is needed to verify a customer’s ability to repay a loan. Lenders typically check eight different factors in coming to this conclusion –  including a review of income and assets, as well as additional outstanding loans or debts. And each of these factors must be independently verified through the lending process. In addition, lenders must complete an independent appraisal of the property for which the loan is being secured. This, too, takes time. The article seems to suggest that, in the world of lending, speed and accuracy might be at odds with one another.

We at Boomerang beg to differ.

As one of the nation’s leading public records research firms, we understand the various demands our clients feel to be at once thorough and accurate, as well as simultaneously lightning fast. Not only do we understand it, we excel at it. Our clients consistently compliment us on both our speed and accuracy – they know that in working with us they will get, in the words of one, “the right results with quick turnaround.”

The next time you feel the pressure of the clock, and the pressure to deliver accurate reports, turn to us. We won’t let you down.